Can You Keep a Secret?

secretsA Snote is a Secret Note. Some Snotes facts:

  • They are customized with animation, colors and fonts.
  • Snotes are used to send romantic messages, fun thoughts, jokes and more.
  • Teachers use Snotes for classroom activities.
  • Escape rooms use them as clues for escape.
  • Snotes are a great way to send greeting cards for every occasion.

Snotes secrets are meant to be shared, but some secrets are meant to be kept! When someone trusts another to keep his or her secret, it says a lot about the relationship. It may feel delightful for one to entrust one with a secret, but it can also feel like a burden. In such cases the secret must be kept or the relationship will be at risk.

What is the secret to keeping a secret? Maybe these tips will help:

Take it to the grave: Especially if the secret would deeply hurt another, the best course of action is no action at all. Stay quiet!

Tell Fido: If the need to share the secret is too strong, share it with someone, but share it with someone that will absolutely never reveal the secret – a pet.

Out of Mind: It may be as simple as vowing to forget it and move on.

Release It: Write the secret down on a piece of paper, and then burn the paper. Release it and let it go. Releasing is an important step because if it is documented it may one day being found.

Change the Topic: At times, the secret would be the perfect bit on information to share in a conversation, but remember it is just in for that moment. Revealing the secret could have a ripple effect of damage, so change the conversation so as not to allow for temptation.

Tell a Lie: It may be hard to swallow, but at times lying is for the greater good – therefore, it is definitely acceptable in some instances.

Be Aware of Gossip: Keep this top of mind, once the secret is let out, it can then go on and on and on. Each time the secret is told it may get bigger and more sensationalized – and for sure create problems. Be aware that telling one person could truly turn into a gossip chain of bad.

But as we shared before, some secrets are meant to shared! And for this we thankfully have Snotes. Snotes makes sharing your secret messages fun, so share your fun secret with someone today!