Disrupting the Greeting Card Industry

vday (1)The average cost of a greeting card is $2.50. With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, how many cards do you think will be purchased? We’re guessing A LOT! In fact, it is estimated that more than half of consumers will purchase a card for their sweetie to celebrate February 14th. That’s a lot of cards, a lot of postage, and a lot of cash! What about you – will you be purchasing a Valentine’s Day card? How many cards do you purchase each year?

Snotes is disrupting the greeting card industry by providing a fun way for people to create their own cards, for any and every occasion, and all for under the cost of one greeting card. That’s right, a lifetime premium membership is only $1.99! That’s unlimited access and an unlimited amount of cards.

There’s also an added bonus of fun. Your recipient will have to figure out the secret to reading your card because Snotes, or Secret Notes, are coded and encrypted. There’s a trick to it. Can your friends figure it out?

Snotes are also animated. We offer eight different romantic themes to choose from for your Valentine’s Day greeting, ranging from playful and sweet to ready-to-pop-the-question engagement. Our exclusive Snotes Generator allows creators the freedom to craft their own words and customize their special greeting with sweet nothings that perfectly fit their sweetheart.

And there’s no need to stop at just one! Send Valentine’s Day e-cards to your friends, kids, parents and more. Plus you can send your heartfelt greetings via email, text, Facebook or Twitter, all from the comfort of your own desk.

To learn how to make and read Snotes, check out our What’s a Snote page. Then sign up to start creating and sending your Snotes today!

Need some ideas to get started? We have many pre-made Snotes to check out and learn from. We’ve created Snotes of the quirky, uplifting, and fortune variety, all of which are fun to receive and read.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!