Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions. We will be adding new questions and answers on a regular basis. If you have questions on any portion of the website, please feel free to email us.

What is a SNOTE?

A SNOTE is a unique and creative way to deliver a secret message to loved ones and friends. Use our custom generator to take a simple sentence or phrase, and create your very own work of art that doubles as an encrypted message!

How do I read a SNOTE?

We believe that part of the fun of SNOTES is that first moment where you finally figure out how to read a SNOTE, and subsequently decipher the secret message within. Having said that, we know it can be frustrating to those who can’t find the secret after trying over and over. Need more information? Sign in and view our SNOTES tutorial!

What can I do with a SNOTE?

You can do almost anything with a SNOTE! Send a secret message to your best friend. Creatively ask your crush to a romantic dinner. Use them as clues in a scavenger hunt! You can send a SNOTE through email, Facebook, or even print out a SNOTE and mail it to an unsuspecting recipient. We’re constantly hearing new and creative ways that SNOTES are being used. Have YOU used SNOTES in a creative way? Tell us what you did on Facebook!

How do I create my own SNOTES?

Creating your own SNOTES is simple and fun! From the SNOTES.com homepage, click “Create and Share” on Snotes.com. From there, you can login and immediately start creating and sending SNOTES.

Can I get SNOTES Quotes on my mobile device?

Yes, SNOTES Quotes is available for both iPhone and Android platforms. Head to your iTunes App store, or Google Play Marketplace to download SNOTES Quotes now!

Who owns SNOTES.com?

SNOTES.com is owned by Fleur de Lis Group, a St. Louis-based partnership. For more information on Fleur de Lis Group and its partners, send us an email or fill out our form.

Are there licensing opportunities available?

Absolutely! For more information regarding licensing opportunities, visit our Licensing Opportunities page.

Who should I contact if I have a support question?

For technical support, please contact us at info@snotes.com

Who should I contact if I have a payment question?

Questions on payment should be directed to our team at info@snotes.com