hoco2016For those adults out there, HoCo is what you know as Homecoming; a tradition of welcoming students back to school, usually filled with fun activities like sports games, parades and more. The first homecoming is said to have started at the University of Missouri, Mizzou, in 1911 when the Athletic Director, Chester Brewer, invited the alumni to “come home” for an annual game against their rival, the University of Kansas.

If you’ve been hiding out in a cave as of late, you may be unaware that asking someone to be your homecoming date has been raised to a whole new level. Being asked to HoCo – or Prom or even to get married – take more than courage these days; a regular ole ask will no longer suffice, people are being proposed to via poster, pizza and Pokemon balls. Don’t believe us? Check out this Pinterest page.

If your teen is looking for a new way to ask their dream date to HoCo, suggest a Snote. With our amazing array of animated themes and shades, we are sure to have something that speaks to your date and can be created in your school colors. Check out a sample HoCo proposal here.

There are so many ways to use Snotes for the upcoming HoCo festivities:

  • Make invitations for friends to come over and get ready for HoCo together
  • Or invite everyone over after the dance for fun and refreshments
  • Make special Snotes for the seniors or as invites to Senior Night
  • Plan a scavenger hunt for Spirit Day and include clues on Snotes
  • Create Snotes for sports team members with their name and jersey number
  • Announce Homecoming Court members via Snotes

To all those off to enjoy the game, the dance or any other homecoming related activities, be safe and go Snotes!