It’s Your Spring, Do What You Wanna Do

springWe are a month into spring, so what do you wanna do? Not sure? Well, you’re in luck! We have ideas for you:

Spring Days: Wanna celebrate all things spring? If you’re a teacher or educator, we would love to share ideas for bringing spring into your classroom. Check out our Spring Things Pinterest board for an awesome collection of activities! Gather the kids to celebrate Earth Day, STEM and more with these teachable fun opportunities.

Earth Day: Wanna celebrate our home? There are plenty of ways to do so – recycle, go to a fair, plant a tree or organize a community cleanup. Learn more here and here.

Mother’s Day: Wanna celebrate mom in May? There are many ways to do so, take some tips the many mother celebrations from around the world in a blog we shared last year.

National Days: Wanna celebrate National Jelly Bean Day, Talk Like Shakespeare Day, and Super Hero Day? Check out these interesting days and more!

Their Days: Wanna celebrate their birthday, anniversary, birth or any other special day?  We can’t even count the ways to celebrate with a Snote, but we can at least share some ideas to get you started.

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