halloweenblog2016Halloween has become a holiday with as many decorations as Christmas. Houses will be lit up in green, orange and purple, skeletons will sway from trees and big blow up ghosts and witches will haunt the neighborhood lawns. Kids and adults will be invited to attend Halloween parties all dressed up as the trends of this year’s season; expect to see a lot of Harley Quinns and Jokers, Clinton and Trumps and Pokemon Go Trainers.

At Snotes, we love to take part and be part of your holidays. We provide our fans with a fun way to send Halloween greetings, jokes, invitations and more. We offer two Halloween specific themes to accompany your Snote; one features scary Jack-o-Lanterns coming from a haunted mansion, the other features one of America’s most favorite seasonal candy treats – candy corn! Other themes that lend to the season are a fall harvest, candy explosion, an army of robots, chemistry lab, green glowing brain, gothic flames and a fire-y dragon. So many choices, it’s fun and easy to to match your theme with your message.

If you need a bit of help on what to include in your secret message Snote, here are some resources for you to explore:

Halloween Jokes for Kids

Halloween Sayings, Quotes, Messages and Wishes

Halloween Words

We also have a Snotes theme for Movie Night! Send out an invite to your friends to gather around the television set and get in the mood for Halloween madness. Netflix binge on these family favorite flicks, enjoy one of these somewhat Halloween but not particularly scary movies or go all out and watch a horror that you should not watch alone! You could also invite your friends to meet up at the theater and catch a new release.

Need some more ideas? Check out our past Halloween blogs for Happy Haunting and Secret Snotes. Regardless of what you do this Halloween, make sure to do this!