Snotes in So Many Ways

shareWe at Snotes love brainstorming all the amazing things that can be done with Snotes. Today we share with you a list that provides our account holders with fun ideas on how to use Snotes in so many different ways:

  • Send secret notes to friends, family and more. Your note will stand out, as it is unique, unusual and meant just for them!
  • Create greeting cards for any and every occasion since Snotes allows you the freedom to craft your own message and choose your own theme.
  • Need invitations? Make Snotes invitations and send via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • In a sorority or fraternity? Snotes fonts include the Greek alphabet for just this reason.
  • Engage the kids in a fun Spy Party complete with a Scavenger Hunt!
  • Brighten someone’s day with a sweet compliment or even something a bit quirky.
  • Decorate your digital pictures with Snotes!
  • Think colorful! Snotes provides all the colors to complement the time of year, the holidays, or your recipient’s favorite hues.
  • Cheer on your team by creating Snotes with your team’s colors.
  • Ask your crush on a date to homecoming or prom with a Snote.
  • Send out way-to-go messages to your students, business colleagues and more.
  • Find a way to celebrate every day.
  • Send a fortune to a friend.
  • Have a business and looking for a way to stand out? Go Snotes!
  • Make sure your kids know their awesomeness.
  • Do the kids need a new activity? Send them on over to Snotes, there are lots activities that can keep them busy for hours.
  • Educators love Snotes! Every day teachers are signing up for Snotes accounts as they’ve discovered great ways to bring Snotes into the classroom for their Breakout EDU sessions and more.

We are positive that this list is anything but complete. Be sure to come on over to our Facebook page and message us or send along an email to and share with us how you use Snotes!