Thank You Notes

tday-snoteIn just a few weeks we gather family and friends together for Thanksgiving, the time of year where we pause and say thanks for all that we have. This Thanksgiving, make it a point to get the kids involved! Whether you are an educator, parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, there are many activities you can use to engage kids to participate in the thanks.Be sure to check out our Pinterest Happy Thanksgiving board where we’ve included fresh new ideas for both home and school – tons of fun activities for the kids can be discovered here!

Consider adding a fun twist to your Thanksgiving table this holiday with Snotes. Use Snotes to create individual place settings with each guest’s name or craft a unique message for each special person to be gathered at your table. Another idea, include some exceptional thoughts of the day that each guest can read at the table, like this one! Print up your Snotes, then have the kids cut them out and include one at each place setting; get super festive by tying each Snote onto a small pumpkin or pinecone.

Some other ideas for kids is to have them each write a thank you Snote that is to be sent to all those that were there to celebrate the day – this will help to keep the spirit of the day going and growing. Challenge the kids to learn something new about each of the guests that they can include in their thank you Snote. Kids love to be seen and heard as well, video tape the kids reading their Snotes, then post it and tag your loved ones on Facebook or mention them on Twitter.

Great quotes always make a great Snote. Here is a fun one from Erma Bombeck to get you started. For more quote ideas, check out our Snotes Quotes game; which is also an ideal way to keep the kids busy, but learning at the same time.

May your Thanksgiving be the most memorable one to date. From all us to all of you Thank You and click here to see what else we want to make sure to say.