Snotes for Consumer Products



Love Knot Monograms are amazing.  Snotes technology can take up to four monograms and weave them into a truly one-of-a-kind image in the form of Snotes.  Our Love Knots are beyond beautiful, they are a personal treasure.


What better way to announce two people are tying the knot then by using Love Knots by Snotes for not just the invitation but for napkins at the reception, special glasses for the bridal party and putting the Love Knots on commemorative gifts for the bride and groom.

From the wedding invite, right on through the reception, Love Knots by Snotes add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the occasion.


Intertwining initials have far more potential uses then jewelry and wedding items yet each can carry a special significance that takes on special meaning or provides a distinctive flair that is truly unique and original. From fraternities and sororities tying their initials together to creating playing cards with your own house brand for bridge parties – towels, beach bags, family flags, place mats – even temporary tattoos – the list goes on and on.

Temporary tattoos are here to stay – and there are unlimited opportunities to take advantage of the power of Snotes – from using Greek letters for fraternities and sororities during Rush Week or special functions to putting the initials of a new romance into a stylized tattoo. Colorful, cool and a sure conversation starter.


Celebrate an individual or company anniversary or milestone by delivering the message on a Snote – from pedestals and plaques to a wide range of other keepsake items, the item itself becomes a bit more unique and memorable when the message is delivered via a Snote.


There’s a whole new level of interactivity waiting to be explored when you incorporate Snotes into a board game. From updating classics to all new levels of secret surprises, your imagination and Snotes can be a powerful seller.


Trivia games, scavenger hunts, secret clues – create a game to call attention to your business or create an all new game that is just waiting to be discovered.

Game developers can have a field day coming up with new ways to incorporate Snotes into gaming platforms.


Not only do kids love to know how to read a Snote, they offer great opportunities to turn into coloring books, too.  Or consider an entire back-to-school line of Snotebooks featuring school-related Snotes on the cover.


There’s a whole new line of greeting cards just waiting to be launched using the power of Snotes. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, holidays – using a Snotes secret message makes them all a little more special. Add in the possibility of creating customized Snotes messaging to any of the above and you’re talking a whole new product category that can take the greeting card industry by storm!


Make a statement to the world without anyone knowing what it is – unless, of course, you choose to tell them! T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, belt buckles – all featuring secret Snotes or monograms are all possibilities.


Snotes can go on almost anything – glasses, coasters, pillows, coffee mugs, welcome mats, place mats, holiday ornaments – even food items!  If you’re looking for a sure conversation starter, or wanting to make an elegant statement – Snotes are the answer.


Day at a glance calendars get a new level of fun when specific messages about each day would be contained in the form of a Snote. Calendars can be in print format, delivered electronically for people who sign up for daily emails from the host company or made available for viewing on a company’s website.

From general questions to specific categories like sports, history, music or movies, calendar manufacturers will be able to treat trivia lovers to a daily dose of trivia delivered in the form of a Snote.

These days, just about every day is some kind of ‘day’. This calendar concept plays off the fact where the clues to “What day is it?” are featured in the graphic surrounding the Snote. Each day, there would be a new ‘day’ featured making this a fun, engaging calendar every day of the year.


At first glance, Snotes appear to be some sort of an intricate, artistic design. But the secret message that’s at the heart of Snotes is what makes them irresistible. Much like a fortune cookie, the human need to know makes people want to discover, “What’s that thing hanging around your neck? What’s that symbol on your welcome mat? Was there a message on that Valentine’s Day card you sent me?”

Once people know how to read a Snote, they can’t resist finding out what the secret message means – whether it’s on a piece of jewelry, delivered in the form of a game or sent as a personalized card.

Sometimes, the Snote needs no explanation whatsoever. Our Snotes Love Knots jewelry featuring initials intertwined in the form of a Snote creates an artistic design that stands on its own. The individual knows what it means but it’s up to the person to decide if they want to share their secret message or not.

There are other instances when the unique look of a Snote is a true attention-getter and people want to know what it means – whether it’s on a placemat, a wedding invitation or a coffee mug.

If desired, licensees can request a customized How to Read a Snote video in English or Spanish that directs customers to your website for instructions. Or, there are simple instructions on how to read a Snote in print format that can go on the back of a card or be included with game instructions.

We’ll provide a customizable ‘How to read a Snote‘ video you can share with your customers. Once they know how to read a Snote, they won’t be able to resist trying to read them, wherever they might appear!

Here are just a few examples of how Snotes can be put to use for a wide variety of uses and applications. Think of these as thought-starters on ways you can use the power of Snotes to attract new customers, create new market segments, and sell more product.

How might your company put Snotes to work to engage your target audiences? If you’re interested in exploring a licensing agreement with Fleur de Lis utilizing the power of Snotes, please fill out this online form. Snotes is not available for licensed commercial use without a signed licensing agreement.