The Snotes’ Challenge









The Flight of the New Pilgrims…


Aliens are systematically destroying planet Earth. You realize that it is better to risk your life rather than become an alien slave.

With a group of friends you blast off looking for a distant planet to re-populate the human race. After traveling millions of miles and dwindling fuel you discover a distant green planet.

The group realizes that your new home is covered with dense vegetation.   Could this planet have the necessary building blocks to extend human life?

As the ship begins its descent, it appears your new home is covered with gigantic stalks of broccoli.   Oh No!  Panic ensues! Everyone hates broccoli!  It is too late, you need this planet.

One thing is for certain the new colonist must learn to love broccoli.  Can our intrepid travelers acquire a taste for cream of broccoli soup, broccoli casserole, or broccoli with cheese sauce?


Each line contains part of a phrase.

Collectively the four lines create the phrase.

The four lines may or may not be jumbled.

The words in each line may or may not be jumbled.

The last letter in the last word of the last phrase ends with “d”.

All letters and words must be used.  Good luck!

The Challenge:

The Pilgrims face a dire situation. To size-up their plight use the clues below to solve the Snotes® puzzle. Each contestant will provide their Snotes email address and their answer at the bottom of the page. If your answer is correct the answer box will turn green.

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