Snotes for Consumer Products

Create and Sell Consumer Products

Any consumer item than can be printed, engraved, embossed, stamped, embroidered, chiseled or carved with a message can have a Snote instead! A Snote is more decorative and intriguing than any ordinary message!


How a Snote Creates Engagement

A Snote is a secret message that can be embedded in any marketing item, such as a flier, postcard, coaster, or any other small item that can be manipulated by your prospects.

Because its design is entirely unique, it instantly attracts attention. Once the prospect discovers that there is a game to “solving” the Snote, they want to learn more and figure out the message. A Snote appeals to basic human nature and the impulse to make a new discovery.

By making your message fun, a Snote ensures your message sticks.

Snotes Flask

Snotes for Sales Promotion

Virtually any message, branding statement or call to action can be made into a Snote. Even a simple coupon can be made exciting and fun.

Promotional items are expensive. Including a Snote with your next promotional item is a great way to ensure that the money you invest is put to good use and that your message arrives.

How will you use Snotes to improve your customer engagement and goodwill? The possibilities are endless!

License Snotes for Your Next Promotion

Fleur de Lis grants Snotes licenses to business owners and marketers who want to use the powerful Snotes tools to create unique and compelling promotional items. We provide consultation and guidance about using Snotes successfully, as well as access to powerful Snotes tools to create a custom promotional item that accomplishes your precise goals.

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