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Snotes for Educators

It’s a proven fact that engaging your students in a subject makes them more receptive to learning and increases retention of the material. You can accomplish this using Snotes Quizzers and other fun materials.

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Snotes for Any Subject that Uses Flashcards

Snotes work for virtually any subject matter – English, math, science, history, spelling, current events, even foreign languages!

By embedding the questions or the answers into the Snote, learning takes on a whole new perspective.

Here are examples of how Snotes can be put to use for a few sample educational purposes. Think of these as thought-starters on ways you can use the power of Snotes to make learning a little more fun and definitely more engaging.

Bring Snotes into Your Classroom!

Fleur de Lis grants Snotes licenses to business owners and marketers who want to use the powerful Snotes tools to create unique and compelling promotional items. We provide consultation and guidance about using Snotes successfully, as well as access to powerful Snotes tools to create a custom promotional item that accomplishes your precise goals.

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