Snotes Premium Membership

A cautionary message from the Inventors of Snotes so that you do not mysteriously disappear:

You cannot use our Coding Software to:

  • Overthrow Governments
  • Clean out the cash from casinos
  • Etcetera, Etcetera… or you could mysteriously disappear.

We want to make sure that you know you have some options.  You can share your coded message electronically, or you can download it and print it.  WHY?

You can make your friends crazier than wombats?

If you share your coded Snote via a device they will have to put in a little work by typing it in the decoder.  BUT, if you want them to hate you a little here is what you do.  

Step 1) Go into the Decoder and type the alphabet A-Z on the four lines (6-7 letters per line).  Write down the order on a piece of paper.  Then hit Preview, then Save it to your Gallery.

Step 2) Now you have a copy of the genuine alphabet and the Snotes coded alphabet is in your Gallery.   Do you realize the power you are holding?????  If not, I will help you out, but this is the last time!

Step 3) Now make your Snote, Preview it then Save it, Download it, print it and send it to as many people as you want.  They can’t read it.  But depending on your mood, you can consider being magnanimous.

Step 4) If you are having a problem with magnanimous look it up.  

Why, because since only you know how smart your friends are – only you know how many clues they will need to solve your Snote oh magnanimous one.

A=C, N=T, G=X, etc, etc..

Step 5) Play with it.  Experiment with it, Have fun with it.

Sign up for a Snotes Premium Membership now. No one should be able to have this much fun for only $1.99!