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A snote is a new & creative way to share a message.

Each snote is made from 4 lines of text that are overlayed at various angles.

You get to decide what your Snote will say. Let's make your first Snote. Ready?

Don't be shy - go ahead and type something in the box below. This will be your first line.


Nice Job! When sending Snotes over email or posting to the web, you have a 20 character limit – this includes spaces! Use them wisely!

Now type the next line - remember lines of 20 characters or less work best.


Well done. Now a third line please. Anything you like... except let's leave the swearing to the sailors.


Good. Last line. Make sure it is a good one!


Snotes come in all colors, but let's not get too crazy yet. Choose one from the few below.


Since Snotes are made from type, different fonts create different looking Snotes. Choose one below for your first Snote.


Good choice! Now let's add some impressive theme to add sizzle to your Snote!


Not bad, huh? But what does it SAY? To read your Snote, use the Vertical Slider to tilt it away from you until it's nearly flat.

Next, rotate your snote using the Horizontal Slider until the next line comes into view.

Cool right? Continue to rotate your Snote to read the third line.

Rotate once more to see the last line!

What an awesome looking Snote! Now you can register for your Free Membership below.

Jumble Layers?
Jumble Rotations?