What Can I Do With A Snote?

You can do almost anything with a Snote! Send a secret message to your best friend. Creatively ask your crush to a romantic dinner. Use them as clues in a scavenger hunt! You can send a Snote through email, Facebook, or even print out a Snote and mail it to an unsuspecting recipient. We’re constantly hearing new and creative ways that Snotes are being used.

What can you do with a Snote?

  • Keep in touch with friends and family
  • Invite guests to your event in a creative way
  • Be a secret message spy!
  • Create awesome e-cards
  • Make unique t-shirts for family reunions and other events
  • Create a fun scavenger hunt
  • Make your own ice breakers

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Not sure where to start? Go ahead and make your own Snote right now. Give it a shot – it’s fun!