Snotes – It’s (Almost) Official!

Snotes is excited to announce its official National Launch Date as August 26, 2014. On this date we will turn on our Indiegogo Campaign that will highlight:

  • Our Ambassadors, talented teens, as they welcome visitors to discover the secret of Snotes and why they’re as much fun to make as they are to receive and explain plans to develop a mobile app. The app will provide users with the ability to make and send Snotes via a smartphone.
  • Information about the creation of Fleur de Lis Group, the company that is making it all happen.
  • The Ask, where we turn to the public to help us raise the funds needed to create the app and announce the awesome perks that come with each donation.
  • Perks, range from $1 for a Premium Snotes account (an 80% savings!) to $225 for “The Whole Enchilada,” which includes a t-shirt, mug, phone cover, unique jewelry and more. For a sneak peek at the goodies, click here.

On August 26th, we will send out a link via our social media channels and our newsletter that will take people directly to the campaign. If you have yet to subscribe to our newsletter, make sure to do so! Just fill in your email in the box provided at the bottom of this page.

All of this excitement comes just as we learned that the United States Patent & Trademark Office has allowed our trademark application for Snotes. In the opinion of management, this is a very important event in the life of the company and significantly strengthens FDL’s intellectual property rights and the protection of the Snotes brand.

One final bit of news to share, plans are underway to bring Snotes out to its hometown St. Louis in a big way!  Right now we are in bouncing-around-ideas mode, but we promise that our final decision will be fun and we will make it a point to get the word out to all our connections.

Thanks to you, all the signs are pointing to Snotes being a huge success! We are so appreciative of our investors, vendors, friends and fan’s effort to spread the word about Snotes. We love watching our Facebook and Twitter fans grow; each like and follower reminds us of how honored we are to be able to bring this exciting new way to connect, share and create to everyone!