Educated Guests

smartOur Snotes team celebrates each new person that signs up for a Snotes account. Recently, we were flooded with new sign-ups! Of course, our curiosity was peaked; we had to know where all this sudden attention was coming from. Imagine our excitement when we found out that the new account holders were made up of teachers and educators!

From its inception, Snotes has always included an educational component. One of our first major developments was Snotes Quotes; a fast action trivia game app where the quicker the player can read and answer the author of the quote, the higher their score. One of our more recent developments is SmartSnotes; an innovative way of incorporating Snotes into the class curriculum, in the form of flash cards, game cards or through online or mobile learning apps that could be spin-offs of our Snotes Quotes game. SmartSnotes are still in the concept stage, in need of a licensing partner. Educators, a school system or a curriculum development company would be ideal for this opportunity.

But, one step at a time! To suddenly be the “talk of the town” amongst teachers thrilled us. We came to learn that during a recent GAFE (Google Apps For Education) conference, Snotes had been introduced at one of the breakout sessions, which was presented by Breakout EDU. Breakout EDU uses keys, locks and secret codes to help students complete their tasks, which in turn teaches critical thinking, teamwork, and complex problem solving. A number of educators are part of Breakout EDU’s very active Facebook Group as well; when one of its members posted a link to the Snote they created, several signed up for Snotes right away. Between Snotes being talked up at the GAFE conference and shared on social media, we became quite popular!

The educators involved with GAFE and Breakout EDU are clearly committed to pioneering new and creative ways to capture and keep their students attention, while simultaneously imparting valuable skills. Snotes being considered a great tool for education is just another reason to celebrate. We greatly value educators; it sure is wonderful to be valued by them. We eagerly look forward to what’s next.