Hooray for Snotes’ New Website!

Our Snotes Team is active and dedicated to bringing forth the best product possible. It has been an interesting process to bring something so new and so different to the world. Due to the fact that our offering is completely unique, and has never been offered before, we have had our share of challenges. That said, we must admit that we have enjoyed every second of the journey and are very much up to the task.

One of the biggest challenges was to create a digital solution for creating Snotes. Our founder, Joe Bayer, Sr. used to draw Snotes by hand; taking up to 8 hours to accomplish just one Snote! He dreamed of creating a process that would turn those hours into minutes, while also adding a bit of whim and whimsy to the mix. If you’ve ever made a Snote, and played around with choosing the best animation to accompany your words, you’ve seen firsthand where the whim and whimsy came into play. Pickett Productions created the animations. Owner Jeff Pickett was so taken with the idea of Snotes, he would soon be brought on as a partner.

The animations were part of the solution, but a generator would also need to be created. Graphite Lab, a gaming company, was approached. Excited, the company was up to the challenge and set to design a Generator that would take your special words and transform them into a Snote’s masterpiece to be shared with friends and family. A lot of time, work and creativeness went into the design. Not only did the generator have to work well but the entire user experience had to be seamless, easy and fun!

Snotes was then introduced to the world via its original website highlighting the Snotes lore; an interesting history of secret messaging throughout the ages. The lore shared evidence of “Snotes” throughout history and asked the viewer to come along on an adventure; a quick jaunt beginning with cave dwellers, to the tombs of kings, and a glimpse into the minds of a few select geniuses who had a hand in inspiring the idea of Snotes. Today, Snotes enjoy a digital existence that can be experienced by anyone with access to the internet.

As Snotes became popular, it became apparent that we needed to create a way to share the latest and greatest accomplishments and endeavors of our Snotes Team. Hence, our website now showcases a homepage dedicated to keeping our fans up to date with all things Snotes.

Please take a few minutes to check it out! Everything you need to know about Snotes is right at your fingertips. Of course, we would love to hang out with you on our social media. If you have not already done so, please come on over to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram; we very much wish to get to know you and be a part of your world.

Thank you for being a fan of Snotes; we are absolutely a fan of you and all that you do!