Meet Snotes Ambassador Seth

When we asked Seth to describe himself he used words like talented, authentic, and intelligent. We very much agree!

Seth is an active teenager. At school he is involved in Spanish Club, Peers, Student Council and Drama Club. He is an active member of his high school band and has studied percussion for the past eight years. When it comes to athletics, Seth loves to play soccer and whenever he gets the chance he will be the first in line to go snowboarding. Knowing this, it’s not surprising to learn that his favorite place to visit is the mountains of Switzerland.

When it comes to his classes, Seth loves art. “Art class really keeps my interest because we get to create something new everyday.” He also feels that art challenges his brain, as does juggling. “Some may think it’s weird to say that juggling challenges your brain, but it really does.” Seth is actually right on with this and he is in good company; according to researchers at Oxford University, the “activity of juggling has particular significance for the human brain as it encourages nerve fibre growth. This promotes overall brain fitness and, as many scientists believe, can help ward off debilitating illnesses as a result.”

When asked about the person he most admires, he names two; his mother and father. Seth shares, “They both served in the military for 20 years and I respect them greatly for their service.” He also admires the actor Johnny Depp, his favorite band is Matchbox 20 and Rick Riordan is his favorite author.

In the future, Seth envisions himself working in one of three fields; medical, military, or in the entertainment industry. He is keeping his options open and will explore the various possibilities as he moves forward in his education.

When asked about being a Snotes Ambassador, he says, “I am very excited about being part of this new and ground-breaking project. Snotes is a one-of-a-kind endeavor that allows for a fun, intriguing and thought-provoking vehicle for sending and receiving messages. I am an avid user of the Snotes App (available on iTunes and Google Play) and feel honored to be given the opportunity to promote this venture and be a part of its success.”

Thank you, Seth, for being a big part of the Snotes family!
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