SNOTES emerges from beta test stronger than ever – Usability issues solved!

ST. LOUIS, February 20 — The St. Louis-based online game and social media start-up known as SNOTES™ ( has emerged with a major success under its belt: its patent-pending software performed reliably for more than 1,000 site visitors during a 16-day beta test in Mid-Missouri.

SNOTES is like a word game. It’s a way to send and receive secret messages between friends and family. Through the patent-pending “SNOTES Generator,” a user turns short private messages into a piece of artwork that only the initiated can read. People can “play” SNOTES on their computers, tablets, or even on cell phones. SNOTES is a high-tech adaptation of a centuries-old form of secret communication.

The SNOTES Generator took months to custom-build. Emerging from a November alpha test, SNOTES learned there were expected bugs, so an independent software testing firm was hired to isolate operability issues. The beta test has confirmed virtually all major issues have been resolved.

The public from all over Mid-Missouri was invited to try SNOTES. The epicenter of the beta trial was Hermann, Missouri.

Valuable feedback was collected, and SNOTES will receive even more fine tuning. But the product is nearing a worldwide roll-out centered on St. Louis.