Snotes Goes Back to School

Recently, the kids went back to school and in a sense, so did Snotes.  We are teaching and educating people about Snotes, while at the same time learning from our fans as to how they use Snotes.

On the teaching side, we have created a short video to walk people through the simple process of creating a Snote. Starring our Ambassador, Shoshana, this video is a great tool to share with friends and family. We know how tongue-tied one can become when trying to explain what a Snote is, and how to make one; this video does a wonderful job of showing just how easy it is to create and share Snotes with your own fans.

We are also excited to exhibit at the upcoming TEDxGatewayArch Show Me Design show at Wash U.  What a perfect opportunity for us to spend time with the innovative minds of St. Louis, be on site at a highly regarded educational institution, and teach people, one-on-one, the magic of Snotes.  Not only have we been asked to exhibit, but we will also be greeting guests with a “complimentary compliment” -Snotes style.

We are always looking to attract more “students” to our Snotes School. To find even more fans, we’ve engaged Channel 11 to spread the word with an enticing and easy to enter contest; be sure to enter today for your chance to win $1,000 Visa Gift Card. And share the contest on your social media with your friends; let’s get everyone to join in on the fun. It’s FREE, all you have to do is like” us on Facebook!

As any good teacher knows, learning from your students is all a part of the exchange. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned from our fans:

  • Keep Snotes in mind as a fun way to say “Happy Birthday” to your Facebook friends. We offer birthday-themed Snotes, as well as many other themes that speak to your friends’ hobbies, interests and more.
  • If you want to send the same message to a number of friends at once, make your Snote and email it to yourself.  Then you can forward it to your list and send out a “Congratulations,” or “Way to Go,” to your whole team.
  • While we’re so very excited about our Indieogogo Campaign to raise funds for a mobile app to create and send Snotes on the go (we’ve raised over $17K so far!), our Snotes Quotes game app continues to be a big hit. If you have yet to play, give it a try and “meet” other Snotes Quotes players.

Thank you for allowing us to continue to teach you about Snotes and thank you for your willingness to share your great Snotes ideas with us.  If you have any other ideas, be sure to tell us on our Facebook page!