Snotes Quotes Update

People love trivia! Consider popular games shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Hollywood Squares and Jeopardy; though each show is unique in its structure, they showcase trivia as their cornerstone. Over the years we have also seen a rise in Trivia Nights, which have become a popular way to raise money for organizations and those in need. At Snotes, we love trivia too. So much so that we created a fun trivia game app called Snotes Quotes.

If you have yet to play Snotes Quotes, you can play it online at or download the free app today for both iPhone and Android.

Just like the various game shows, our app has its own unique twist; to read the quote, players must first decode the Snote! This adds a layer of challenge and fun that has users vying to gain their spot on our leaderboard. Here is how the game is played

Players earn points by decoding a quote on a Snote, then guessing who created the quote, and they must do so in 90 seconds or less. The player is presented with a multiple-choice list of possible answers, the quicker they answer the more points they’ll receive. If the player runs out of time or provides three incorrect answers, it’s a strike out and they have to start over. Players receive additional points by guessing several correct answers in a row. The social aspect comes into play when participants invite their friends and family to the challenge; their scores can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Snotes Quotes features hundreds of quotes from various genres including movies, pop songs, artists, famous leaders and more. The Snotes Team plans to expand the offering of quotes in all these areas, plus add additional categories, most immediately baseball-related quotes – we will let you sport fans know when we’re ready to check us out!

We hope to see you on the Snotes Quotes leaderboard soon!