Snotes and Softball

Snotes believes strongly in community; we believe that supporting and committing to community is key to happiness and success. As part of that commitment, we’ve engaged 30 St. Louis area community businesses to help bring Snotes to fruition. Today we share with you the community support we received to help make our Indiegogo campaign a success.

“We set up a competition for individuals and non-profits to help us gather donations,” says Joe Bayer, Partner with The Fleur de Lis Group, creators of Snotes. “Our goal was not to reward the largest donor but to recognize the group who had the largest number of participants, no matter the size of the donation.”

Snotes is excited to announce our winner, the women’s softball team from Fontbonne University. They brought in 105 donations for our campaign! “They really stepped up to the plate,” shares Joe.

Geri Glixman sponsored the team; “I heard about the opportunity and shared it with the student-athletes. They spread the word to encourage others to make a donation.” She goes on to share, “I fully expected them to win. These young women are amazing and dedicated to every aspect of their lives.”

It’s not unusual for this team to win, not only on the field, but also in the classroom. Maria Eftink, Director of Athletics at Fontbonne University says, “The thing that stands out is their team spirit and their commitment to support something greater than themselves.”

The women’s softball team works hard to support the future of both the softball program as well as their own individual futures. Maria continues, “These girls have top ranked GPAs in rigorous majors, they set themselves up for future success beyond softball.”

As to their current record, Maria shares, “They have won their conference for the past five years, advancing onto the NCAA Tournament. They truly are a hard team to beat in more ways than one,” says Maria.

Snotes donated $3,000 to the team for their efforts. We look forward to following the continued success of the Fontbonne women’s softball team and we cannot wait to see what these amazing young women will bring to the future!