Spies and Secret Messaging – now it’s your turn


spy4In our past couple of blogs we have shared with you some known tools of the spy trade. In our own research we found that many of these items can be found on display at the Spy Museum, which is fittingly located in Washington, D.C.

But you don’t have to leave your home to get your spy on. Snotes provides an easy and fun way to create your own secret messages to send to friends and family. Here are some examples of how you can spy with Snotes:

  • Spy Party: Create and print up Snotes invites and deliver them in envelopes marked “Top Secret.” Invite guests to show up in disguise. Activities could include fingerprint artwork, a physical training course for spy training, car chase practice using remote-controlled cars and a target practice area with hoops and balls or bullseye posters and Frisbees. Food could include pizza with pepperoni formed into question marks and a cake with “hidden secrets.”
  • Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger hunts are popular for kids and adults. Create Snotes with clues on what participants are to find, adding a whole of layer of challenge and intrigue.
  • Night Out: Make a night out even more fun! Share the date, time and disguise (dress code) with your guests, but tell them that the location will be shared through a secret Snote on the day of the event, leaving them to wonder all week about what interesting destination you have chosen for the adventure.
  • Engage Them: People have come up with some amazing ways to become engaged. We have our own amazing way – send your love a Snote revealing the location of a secret surprise. Leave another Snote at the location asking for their hand in marriage – and make sure to show up at the same time with a ring!
  • Educate Them: Whether you are educating children or adults, it is a known fact that students are more receptive to learning and retention if they participate in the process. Use Snotes to create learning games. For example you could 1) include quiz questions on Snotes, 2) include quotes on Snotes and have them guess the author or 3) play a trivia game and include the clues on Snotes.

Snotes Premium users can not only make Snotes progressively harder to read, but can also download and print Snotes, as well as choose from the hundreds of animations – which create a great end frame for your Snotes message – something you can’t do if you’re just a regular user.

The Spy aspect is fun – but unless you have a Snotes Premium account, you’re missing out on some really cool Snotes-style spyware.