Spies and Secret Messaging – Part 2


spy2In our previous blog we shared spy technologies of days gone by. Today we reveal a bit more of the tools utilized by the spies of yesteryear. Read on!

Cipher Disk: Developed by Italian architect and author Leon Battista Alberti, this device consisted of two concentric circles; each circle included the alphabet, one circle moved, while the other remained stationary. Though a simple device, it was used in a variety of ways.

Pigeon Camera: Just as it sounds, a small time-delayed camera was attached to a homing pigeon. These mini-aerial-photographers were amazing; some were even awarded for their bravery.

Tree Stump Bug: US Intelligence Agents once placed a bug inside a tree stump, which was then hidden in a forested area in Moscow. The bug picked up and transmitted satellite communications. In order to forego battery changes and potential discovery, the device was solar powered; sunlight came through the top of the stump, which appeared to be opaque, but was actually transparent. It may have stumped the KGB for a time, but it was eventually discovered.

Dog Doo Transmitter: This transmitter looked like dog doo, but was actually a rather complex device. Since it did look like doo-doo, the likelihood was high that folks would steer clear, though there was always the chance that a clean up crew would come along.

Hidden Cameras: Candid Camera was a popular television show that involved a hidden camera catching some funny practical and harmless jokes played on unsuspecting folks. Spy Cameras were quite the opposite; they were meant to catch unsuspecting folks in order to gather information about sinister and secret goings on. Such mini-cameras were hidden in numerous items like buttonholes, fountain pens, key chains, briefcases, cigarette cases, cigarette lighters and rings.

Cyanide Glasses: If the future is not looking so bright, these specs may come in handy. Hidden inside the tip was a cyanide pellet that could be used if the future looked a bit more bleak and torturous.

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