Licensing Opportunities

Snotes-for-websiteA world of Snotes® – imagine the possibilities

There are an endless variety of ways Snotes can be licensed to engage, entertain, educate and inspire. The Snotes® brand is a registered trademark of Fleur de Lis Group LLC (FDL). FDL is open to license manufacturers and distributors of Snotes branded items. Snotes products can run the gambit from informational to elegant. There are literally thousands of imaginative applications.    

We’ve arranged Snotes licensing opportunities into three key categories:

Snotes for Business
Snotes for Consumer Products
Snotes for Education

We invite you to explore a few examples of how the power of Snotes might work for you and encourage you to imagine your own possibilities. Should you ever have any questions or need more information, fill out this form or call 314-791-7711 and ask for Joe Bayer, Sr.