A Now For Something Completely Quirky

beyonceSummer is the time to lighten up! It’s the time to lighten your work load so you can enjoy more outdoor time and vacation; we wear lighter clothing, we eat lighter fare and we enjoy more sun-light. So why not bring a bit of fun-light into someone’s day with a quirky compliment to lighten the mood. You are invited to spend some time with us on the lighter side, where you’ll find some seriously quirky compliments that you can share with friends today.

Everything you do should be on TV

You’re smarter than Google and Mary Poppins combined

Your eyes are so fierce it’s like looking at Beyoncé strut

You inspire me, and strangers, you inspire many

You are not someone I pretend not to see in public

If sarcasm is a skill, you’ve mastered it

The zombies will never attack you out of respect

Even if you’re cloned, you’ll still be one of a kind

You are the superhero of good looks

I’ll stop finding you awesome when pigs fly

My horoscope says you are the one for me

I love you more than I love puppies

You make me happier than a box of kittens

It is our sincerest hope that these Snotes bring smiles and laughter to those who receive them. Also, we hope you are inspired to create some of your own. We offer free Snotes accounts just for signing up; for a small $1.99 one time charge, you can sign up for a premium account and gain access to a plethora of animated themes, colors, fonts and more – just as you have seen and experienced with the Snotes we shared with you here. Happy Quirky Day to You!