What is a Snote

Snotes Shapes

A Snote is a fun, unique and creative way to deliver a secret message. Snotes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can make your Snote easy to read, or add extra layers of secrecy making it more difficult to decode. Learning to read Snotes takes a bit of practice, but once you know the secret, it’s easy. Please watch our “What’s a Snote? An Overview” video to learn more.

Read the Transcript

Speaker 1: What are you doing?

Speaker 2: I’m sending this Snote to Grandma.

Speaker 1: Sending a Snote? What’s a Snote?

Speaker 2: An S-N- O-T- E. Snote. I tried to show you, but nooo … you told me to get out.

Speaker 1: Okay. So? What is it?

Speaker 2: Here, look for yourself. Watch me turn it, so even you can read the words.

Speaker 1: It’s cryptic.

Speaker 2: If that means secret, then yes. I’m sending a secret message that only Grandma can read. If you let me use your iPhone, I’ll show you how. Then, I can send a secret love note to Bryan. B-R-Y-A-N.

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