It’s Official – Snotes has Launched!

Happy Launch Day to our investors, vendors, friends and family! August 26, 2014 will go down in Snotes history as one of our favorite days; we have been preparing for this day for quite some time now and we’re so excited that it is here and that we get to share it with you.

The Indigogo Campaign is up and running; we’re ready to watch the donations roll on in. The donations will be used to create a mobile app, making it possible to create and share Snotes on the go.

When you check out the campaign, you’ll see the wonderful and entertaining Snotes packages that we are offering:

  • Starting at a donation of only $1, people can score a Snotes Premium Account. This account opens their Snotes designs to a whole world of colors and animated themes, allowing for even more imagination and creativity.
  • For $25 – $35, we offer a variety of packages; a Snotes t-shirt, mug, smartphone and tablet cover. All are of high quality and include amusing and witty Snotes secret messages.
  • For that special person in your life, claim an exquisite mother-of-pearl necklace. This item includes a heartfelt message and is sure to become a cherished item for the receiver.  Only $45.
  • A Snotes Visionary Recognition Award will be given to those who claim the $100 package.  This beautiful piece is made of crystal clear acrylic and includes a special message of gratitude, in the form of a Snote, of course. Perfect for people who recognize the value of Snotes and its collector-worthy potential.
  • Can’t decide what to claim? Then claim it all with The Whole Enchilada package! That’s right, you’ll receive every offering all rolled up into one package of Snotes fun for only $225.

Now is the time to send your family and friends over to our campaign. A simple message in an email or posted to your social media asking everyone to “Come over and learn about Snotes!” or to “Join in on the Snotes fun!” is all it takes. Don’t forget to include the link:, so they can easily find their way to this awesome offering.

There is so much more coming your way! Plans are underway to create bigger campaigns, garner greater media attention, and participate in some high level events.  Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages where we will be sharing up to the minute information about all things Snotes. Thank you for being a BIG part of our Snotes world, we could not do any of this without your support.