Snotes is Being Seen

Since the official launch of Snotes, we have been busy (and having quite a bit of fun) watching new people come like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and donate to our Indiegogo Campaign page.  So far we have raised over $5K in funds and are getting a bit closer to creating the much-anticipated Snotes app. This app will allow for you to make and send Snotes on the go, giving you more flexibility and ease on sending Sntoes. People are not only seeing the value in the app, but we have received rave reviews about the cool gifts and goodies available; a small donation is guaranteed to bring great fun to your world. Be sure to check it out at and share the page with your social friends (just copy and paste the link above in your posts).

We invite you to keep up with new Snotes goings on by visiting our New Stuff page. It’s a great place to keep up with us, as well send people who wonder What‘s a Snote? Or need a quick lesson on how to Read that awesome Snote you just sent their way.

Have you made a Snote lately? If not, go do so today. Before you do, ask yourself this question; “Who do I know that needs a bit of cheering up?” That person needs a Snote! Send them a supportive, or fun, or heart-felt Snote message today. Just a few words and clicks will up add up to making their day many times brighter!

We have another exciting announcement to share. TEDxGatewayArch has approached us and asked us to participate in their upcoming Show Me Design event. This is St. Louis Design Week flagship event and will be held on September 23rd at Washington University. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and is dedicated to showcasing leaders in innovation. We were so excited when they came to us and shared that we represented innovation in all three of their main categories; technology, entertainment and design!  We will be at the event greeting guests with “complementary compliments” via Snotes, as well as demonstrating how to create and send Snotes.

Please come join us at this special event, and while you’re there, we’ll give you your own secret compliment, help you send a Snote to your innovative someone, and together we can become inspired by a motivating speaker line up, all with design in mind.

Happy day to you and Snote On!