So Much to Celebrate       

celebrateIt seems we’ve gone crazy with days to celebrate! Just this month alone we saw National Thank a Mail Carrier Day (February 4th), National Send a Card to a Friend Day (February 7th), even National Gumdrop Day (February 15th). It may seem that our celebrating has become a bit out of control, but really, it’s so fun to have something to celebrate each and every day. It also provides a perfect reason to touch base with someone and send along an e-card!

At Snotes, we make it easy to create e-cards in minutes. We provide you with a unique, fun and interesting platform from which to launch your own personalized e-cards. We offer you a free account, giving you the opportunity to play around with Snotes and see how fun it is to create and share custom messages!

The free account includes colorful animated backgrounds, shapes, fonts and colors, so you can pick those that best illustrate and/or enhance your message. Once you have created your Snote, you have the option to send it along to the recipient via email, text, Facebook or Twitter. The first time you send along a Snote, you may also wish to share this video, which shows how to Read a Snote. For a one-time cost of $1.99, you can graduate to a Premium Account, quadrupling your choices in colors, animations and more.

Before you know it, you’ll be sending along greetings every day! If you’re not sure what to celebrate, check out the National Day Calendar, which lists a plenitude of national daily and monthly celebrations. Did you know you can even register your own National Day? Check it out and do so here.

Even without National Days, there truly is something to celebrate each day. Celebrate love, friendship, joy or grace. Celebrate snow, rain, sunshine or blue skies. Celebrate vacation, work accomplishments, new starts and traditional ways. Whatever you wish to celebrate you can do so with a Snote. It’s all right at your fingertips, so try it out today!