Spring Break will be here soon

spring (1)Soon schools will be on break. Whether your family is staying in town or traveling, the kids will require entertainment. Electronic devices definitely have the power to keep boredom at bay, but we know that parents are always on the lookout for games that not only entertain, but also require kids to use their brain – maybe even learn something new. With that in mind, here are some ideas for you!

Snotes Quotes: This free game can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. In Snotes Quotes there is a hidden message, which is read by rotating the Snote counter-clockwise. Each message features a famous quote and challenges players to guess the author. Guess quickly and correctly to earn top points; challenge friends to beat high scores. Included is an online leaderboard, where the top competitors vie for the top spots. Those that master the game will surely wish to share their scores on Facebook and Twitter!

Snotes Messenger App: What kid doesn’t enjoy sharing secrets? This is yet another free offering that can be found on iTunes or Google Play. The Snotes Messenger App provides kids with a fast and fun mobile conversation! Participants type in their message and then choose a color scheme; a unique Snote is then created right before their eyes. The Snote can then be sent to a friend via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Email – or even better app to app – get your friends to download the app and become their Snote friend as well. Once the friend receives their secret message Snote, it can then be manipulated in order to discover the secret message hidden within. Now it’s their turn to make their own secret message and send one right back.

Snotes On-Line Generator: Via a laptop or tablet, kids can take Snotes to a whole new level of design at Snotes.com. Choose from several different animated backgrounds, shapes, fonts, colors and more; there truly is something for everyone. Snotes are easy to create and share and so much fun for the recipient to read! This quick tutorial is a great place to start. Snotes offers free accounts, fans will surely wish to upgrade to a premium account, for a one-time charge of only $1.99. A premium account provides even more artistic flexibility, offering dozens more animations, colors and the ability to make Snote reading even more challenging by scrambling the message or using our Secret Decoder.

The possibilities are endless. We made Snotes fun and easy, so you can make them secret and special!